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This document is not completed and will be updated anytime.


  1. wallet
  2. net
  3. transfer
  4. set
  5. get
  6. create
  7. version
  8. system
  9. sudo
  10. multisig
  11. push
  12. sign
  13. convert


子命令 功能  
create 在本地新建一个钱包 Create a new wallet locally
open 打开一个已经存在的钱包 Open an existing wallet
lock 锁定钱包 Lock wallet
lock_all 锁定所有解锁的钱包 Lock all unlocked wallets
unlock 解锁钱包 Unlock wallet
import 将私钥导入钱包 Import private key into wallet
remove_key 将密钥从钱包移除 Remove key from wallet
create_key 在钱包内创建私钥 Create private key within wallet
list 打开钱包列表 List opened wallets, * = unlocked
keys 列出所有解锁钱包中的公钥 List of public keys from all unlocked wallets
private_keys 列出一个解锁钱包中的私钥 List of private keys from an unlocked wallet in wif or PVT_R1 format
stop 停止keosd服务 Stop keyseatd (doesn’t work with nodeseat)


子命令 功能  
connect 开始与一个节点的新连接 start a new connection to a peer
disconnect 关闭一个现有连接 close an existing connection
status 查看现有连接的状态 status of existing connection
peers 所有现有节点的状态 status of all existing peers



子命令 function
code Create or update the code on an account
abi Create or update the abi on an account
contract Create or update the contract on an account
account set or update blockchain account state
action set or update blockchain action state


子命令 function
info Get current blockchain information
block Retrieve a full block from the blockchain
account Retrieve an account from the blockchain
code Retrieve the code and ABI for an account
abi Retrieve the ABI for an account
table Retrieve the contents of a database table
currency Retrieve information related to standard currencies
accounts Retrieve accounts associated with a public key
servants Retrieve accounts which are servants of a given account
transaction Retrieve a transaction from the blockchain
actions Retrieve all actions with specific account name referenced in authorization or receiver
schedule Retrieve the producer schedule
transaction_id Get transaction id given transaction object


子命令 function
key Create a new keypair and print the public and private keys
account Create an account, buy ram, stake for bandwidth for the account


子命令 function
client Retrieve version information of the client


子命令 function
newaccount Create an account, buy ram, stake for bandwidth for the account
regproducer Register a new producer
unregprod Vote for a producer
voteproducer Retrieve the code and ABI for an account
listproducers List producers
delegatebw Retrieve the contents of a database table
undelegatebw Undelegate bandwidth
listbw List delegated bandwidth
bidname Name bidding
buyram Buy RAM
sellram Sell RAM
claimrewards Claim producer rewards
regproxy Register an account as a proxy (for voting)
unregproxy Unregister an account as a proxy (for voting)
canceldelay Cancel a delayed transaction


子命令 function
exec Execute a transaction while bypassing authorization checks


子命令 function
propose Propose action
propose_trx Propose transaction
review Review transaction
approve Approve proposed transaction
unapprove Unapprove proposed transaction
cancel Cancel proposed transaction
exec Execute proposed transaction


子命令 function
action Push a transaction with a single action
transacion Push an arbitrary JSON transaction
transactions Push an array of arbitrary JSON transactions



子命令 function
pack_transaction From plain signed json to packed form
unpack_transaction From packed to plain signed json for
pack_action_data From json action data to packed form
unpack_action_data From packed to json action data form